Jeff Depatie is currently available for hosting workshops, guest speaking and podcasting.

Jeff Depatie is a former JTF2 Combat Sniper and is currently the Chief Course Architect of The Special Forces Experience.

As a former tier 1 special forces soldier, Depatie has refocused his form of service to dedicate his life to exploring the problem of PTSD and how we can turn life’s adversities into opportunities for new life and personal growth. 

What’s braver than risking your life for man and country? Diving into your inner world ready to face it head-on. To heal and expand yourself will affect multiple generations after us. It’s the long-term solution to our world’s greatest problems. 

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Primary topics:

  • Post-traumatic Growth. We often interpret darkness as a curse but our adversity, when seen in a different light, may contain unseen solutions to our lives. He is currently producing a groundbreaking documentary on this controversial topic of post-traumatic growth called “Dark Night of Our Soul” which is currently in post-production
  • The Art of Adversity. Navigating life’s adversity is both a science and an art form. Its effects and processes can be observed, repeated, and studied through the disciplines of neuroscience, psychology, and human behavior. It’s also an art form in that there is no right or true way to navigate our setbacks. No one way to take the images, emotions, and sensations from the past to live a life that liberates rather than oppresses. 


  • Utilizing altered states for personal growth: Breaking out of the prison of your habits with altered states. Plant medicines (intentional and ethical use of cannabis, ayahuasca, and bufo) and natural releases of DMT
  • Veterans’ mental health and personal growth. Tools for veterans to transition into civilian life. 
  • Life as a JTF2 sniper: life before, during, and after being in one of the world’s leading tier 1 special forces units in the world. 
  • Spiritual experiences for “tough guys”. Connecting to something greater than yourself looks a lot different for certain men than others; extreme physical output, the great outdoors, coming face to face with perceived death. 


Jeff is comfortable talking about war stories if that is what is appropriate for the audience if it is not confidential. Please understand that in this phase of his life, he’s not looking to glorify war times but to share his story and experiences so people can understand how one might be able to thrive after adversity and challenges. 

jeff depatie

Additional talking points and skillsets:

  • Human Optimization Processes
  • Elite-Team Selection
  • Tactical shooting: Depatie has taught pistol, shotgun, carbine, and long-range shooting to incoming tier-1 operators. He was a part of the sniper unit that has the current world record for the longest confirmed kill at 3.5 km (2.2 mi)
  • Martial arts training in multiple disciplines: MMA, karate, combato, defendo, and spears
  • Skydiving and paramotoring: With multiple qualifications and course completions for each
  • Piloting aircrafts: Private, IFR, float/sky racing, general purpose bushcraft
  • Professional driving: On/Off-road and multiple ATV variants such as UTVs, dirt bikes, and on/off-road motorcycles 
  • Open water scuba and diving
  • >50 confidential military courses and qualifications


jeff depatie
jeff depatie