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A Dip in The Fire

Life is not for the weak For suffering is guaranteed.

Make it through in one piece And you may find some reprieve.

When we experience discomfort,

Suffering at its best.

It is like a fire, Putting our mettle to the test.

And then comes the hammer

Against the steel of our nerves.

The harder we fight,

The more we deserve.

We’re beaten but not broken,

We get up again.

We face the hammer head on,

It is only pain.

A dip in the fire

Is not a small feat.

The pain is all real,

But there is no retreat.

The crucibles we encounter,

Makes us stronger each time.

Hammer forging the sword,

The world is mine.


Poetic reflection of Serial 01 written by: Phil Wong (CAN #20) 



Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Phil graduated with dual degrees in Biological Sciences
and Pharmacy from the University of Alberta in 2011. His love for the mountains and the great outdoors
led him to Calgary in 2016, where he currently resides with his partner and their dog.

Phil has a passion for travel and exploring the limits of his body and mind. Having visited over 25
countries, he looks forward to exploring all seven continents. He is an accomplished triathlete,
marathoner, swim-runner, martial artist, and most recently one of seven graduates of the Special Forces
Phil currently works as a pharmacist and real estate investor. He and his business partners at
Commonwealth Home Ownership are currently working on expanding a resource and educational
platform they’ve created at for Canadian real estate investors, with the goal to make real
estate less intimidating for the average investor. You can also listen to their podcasts on iTunes or
Spotify. Phil is also the author of “Real Estate Side Hustle for Investors”; a book to guide
investors on how to conscientiously get into the real estate investment market, which is coming
out later this year.

In his free time, Phil loves nothing more than exploring the mountains, planning his next trip, kicking
back with a beer, and spending time with his family and friends.

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