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Who we are

We’re a collective of individuals rooted in the belief that challenge and adversity can be a springboard for growth in all aspects of someone’s life and that for high-achieving individuals, this form of post-traumatic growth (PTG) activates certain virtues, possibilities, and leadership values that no other type of self-growth can trigger.

Why do we care?

While we may exist in one of the most cordial times in modern history, our communities today are faced with some of the most complex challenges of our time. Our communities are consumed by concerns over an antiquated education system, childhood obesity, economic uncertainty, political unrest and other seemingly uncontrollable forces. People are stressed, confused, anxious – they’re on edge.

When we think of leadership in times like this, you might traditionally look to the magnetic individual leader who can guide us through the chaos. But today’s effective leadership has made a shift from this dynamic leader individual toward a shared responsibility of smart, integral, and motivated individuals within a social system.

While there will always be strong individual voices, we believe true success will come from collective co-creations among groups of leaders developing far-sighted and innovative approaches to the systems that just don’t work anymore.

We believe that by facilitating intentional PTG in an expertly crafted warrior experience, high-performing individuals can expedite the activation of the highly sought-after qualities similar to those of today’s special forces operators.

While we come from diverse backgrounds and have different morals and values, we collectively do not represent:
  • Any specific political polarity
  • Any specific views on the personal ownership of firearms
  • Any specific views on the world’s militaries
We do not support and will not accept applications from individuals who are:
  • Training for the purposes of creating or aiding a civilian or foreign militia
  • Looking to reteach what they’ve learned to their own organization
  • Members of hate groups or individuals who identify with organizations rooted in disdain for other cultures, societies, or communities

If we suspect any hint of ill intention like the ones mentioned above, we will report you to the appropriate authorities.


Our Values

Wounded from the outset, you must do battle with your shadows, overcome the limitations of your mind, surrender your need to control life, and find your true self before you can awaken.

 Acceptance – Unblocking flow

In order to accept something about yourself, especially something uncomfortable, it first must be recognized. This kind of acceptance takes place when you build up the courage to put yourself in situations where you can really look into your own shadows. Fear creates its own biofeedback loops, which maintains this constriction of the power inside of you. The only way of breaking this loop is to have the courage to simply feel the fear.

As soon as we strip you of your identity, you reduce fear down to its essentials. In The Process, you discover the great secret of acceptance. You no longer need to be afraid of fear. As the constriction of fear loosens its hold, you also access far more energy and optimism. Optimism isn’t the opposite of pessimism but your true underlying nature when freed from construction. Everything seems possible again as everything in your life begins to flow more easily.


Perseverance – The indomitable spirit of the underdog

At the ordinary level of perseverance, everything feels like a struggle. It’s a battle to find a sense of purpose in life, and in this sense, the provocation carries a feeling that can result in a destructive dynamic in your relationships. The only difference between the ordinary level of perseverance and the evolved version is the nature of the fight.

You only have to find the right fight and your whole experience changes. When you pour your mind, body, and spirit into fighting a fulfilling fight, it ceases to be a struggle. You will know the difference between meeting obstacles and fighting resistance. Obstacles will test your commitment and surrender allowing you to forge new skills and hone your excellence. You will be designed for obstacles – in fact, you will love them. You will begin to really thrive when you’re up against the odds. You’ll make the impossible look effortless, even while exerting yourself fully.


Far-sightedness – Precognition via the soul

It’s ironic that what often passes for reason in the world is really someone’s opinion dressed up in facts that happen to justify it. At the ordinary level of far-sightedness, the minds of leaders distort logic and facts for their own ends by building one argument and then concealing its counter-argument. The mass of humanity is easily influenced by one side or the other. It’s out of the mind’s duality that all human drama is born and the mass consciousness loves drama.

And yet, at the evolved level of far-sightedness, it’s not about having a kumbaya vision of reality that takes no sides and is beyond opinion. It’s a mentally dynamic gift that doesn’t sit idly by with passive acceptance. You will be driven by the evolved version of integrity to serve and uphold integrity by challenging all misrepresentations of truth in the world. Not only will your new activated version of far-sightedness see beyond opinion, it’ll also grasp the operating mechanism that gives rise to opinions and the human tendency to get caught up in them. Working with this perception gives us the ability to create better systems for future generations.


Authority – The new age of chivalry

Evolved authority is finding that delicate balance between allowing things to go on their way and assuming control of the way things are going. It is determined by intent. If you assert authority through the hierarchical base then you rule through control and fear which never inspires true loyalty. True authority unites rather than controls. The power of true authority occurs when both sides, surrender to each other. When the authority becomes the servant and the servant becomes the authority, then the relationship has true power. On the outer plane, such a relationship may appear to be one-sided, but on the inner plane, the balance of power is reversed. Only when this happens does the real meaning of authority become clear.

To activate this virtue of evolved leadership, you must have great courage. It takes a powerful man to surrender completely to another, whether through authority or submission. The fact is that surrender makes authority submissive and submission authoritative, which is precisely what will bring an end to poor leadership. If you speak and act from your soul and represent the will of your people, you will inspire loyalty in others wherever you go. It’s as simple as that.

Naturalness – Living your own myth

We’re all trying to be who we are, but many of us have been conditioned to be other than who we are. It’s been this way throughout our history, ever since we began to develop the complex neo-cortex. The moment the mind was equipped to reflect on itself, the primal question Who am I? was born. There’s a lot of tension inherent in the simple little question Who am I? and it’s the releasing of this tension around your identity that activates the power of naturalness.

You cannot be defined by any kind of label. Once you understand that you’re neither your name nor your actions, feelings, thoughts or beliefs, you realize that human nature is something far greater and wider than you ever suspected. When you lose your sense of identity, you simultaneously begin to feel centered in a wider context.

At a certain point, you will give way to a natural collapse and a subsequent letting go of all searching as you realize the futility of trying to find something that’s clearly indefinable. This will mark a huge transition point in your life and represent the release from your self-obsession.

You’ll then have something like a re-birth as you externalize what’s really inside you. The final phase of The Process of becoming yourself manifests as the emergence of your real individualized differentiated self. This is when you hit the peak of your own mythology and bring something entirely new into the world based on your life’s work and purpose.


Initiative – The thunder of your service

The leader who’s activated the value of true initiative ranks high in personal empowerment and genius. To follow your initiative is to step off the beaten track and to follow the dictates of your own inner being. There’s no safety net when you follow your own way – it’s a giant leap onto a path that no one else has ever traveled. The mass consciousness is both in awe and afraid of those who follow this path in life. It’s not possible for an individual to awaken true initiative without first stepping fully into their creative independence. This is a path often seen as a journey into the underworld in which the traveler will confront many challenges and tests. It’s also a path that eventually arrives home.

This type of leader is a warrior – but not in the traditional ways. This has nothing to do with fighting the collective fears and it has little to do with honor. This is the battle with your own fears and unlike perseverance – this does not involve a struggle – it involves a leap. It’s the shock of awakening from one level of being onto the next level. A single leader who has this gift can turn around an entire organization through the collective morphogenetic field of that company. The presence of a person like this in a pivotal position can propel the organiazation into a totally new level of functioning in which individuals are empowered rather than kept down and controlled.