Serial 01

May 2019

28 signed up. 22 showed up. 7 finished. We’re retiring the numbers 10-20-23-18-21-14-9 in honor of the first 7 men to survive The Process Serial 1 (May 2019). Congratulations to Joel Duthie (CAN10), Phil Wong (CAN20), Travis Eagles (CAN23), Nermin Ceric aka Tactical Jesus (CAN18), Stephan Faiazza (CAN 21), Landon Sorokan aka Mr. June (CAN14), Ira Macdonald aka Ol’ Nine Fingers (CAN9).

To preserve the integrity of the unknown experience for future candidates, we will only publish photos from the first few days of The SFE.

Finisher – #10 Joel D.

Finisher – #14 Landen S.

#14 Matt S.

#1 Adam O. and #8 Gordo I.

#11 Johnathon C.

  • “I have competed in over 325 endurance events and been involved in incidents were lives were lost, and saved. Your application of stress through physical direction and mental fatigue was excellently administered. I saw your Cadre take hope from the students. They removed them through removing their spirit.  I’ve never seen this done before. Well done.”


  • “Believe me when I say it’s been a dream come true. The precision of the whole week and the attention to detail you guys put into was incredible to be a part of. You guys practice what you preach, and you showed me that you can be a Warrior in every aspect of your life. That’s the mentality I’m trying to incorporate with all areas of my life from now on, so again, Thank You. You gave me an invaluable gift.”

Finisher – #23 Travis E. (Audio Podcast)

The Process special forces experience

Finisher – #21 Stephan F. (Audio Podcast)

the process special forces experience
  • “I will hold a special place for the 6 other men / brothers that survived with me from the 30 that started.  I will take all the lessons I learned and reflect on each to make myself a better man.  This was truly a life changing event. Although the future is uncertain and challenges yet to be determined and conquered, I know I am ready for anything and for whatever life brings me.  I have learned some valuable lessons that I will continue to explore through phase 4 and already find myself making some changes that feel good. I mean who doesn’t like getting up at 5am everyday right ;-). I love my family, my girls, my wife and most importantly my life.  I did it buddy!”


  • “I lavished the days of suffering in your program as a learning tool of personal development. The tasks and program was well done by all. I give this compliment not only from a participant of your event, but also a participant in the process of caring for, or protecting people for over 25 years.  This has mostly been done under the auspice of life safety and  enforcement. The logistical planning, and the “possible outcomes and response” planning was evident.”
  • “Learned a pretty good lesson.  Just because I wanted to be ready, doesn’t mean I was ready.  It will all come back. I will definitely make it back and will be 100 percent, I did not like the taste of failure.”


  • “It was a great experience all around even for the short time I was there, definitely gained more out of just 3 days in the program than I could have ever imagined. What you and the Cadre put together was incredible and I can’t wait to see what this course becomes in the coming years. Maybe not next year, but I will be back – won’t let the SFE get the best of me that easily!


  • “During the entire time I was participating in your program the evidence of pre planning and execution of events was impeccably demonstrated. I’ve been responsible for the movement, direction, coordination and response of entire police departments and security details.  You and your team’s actions rivaled that of the most well rehearsed mission execution that I have ever been a part of. I never felt like, or observed anything operating out of bounds, or felt like control wasn’t immediately accessible. It was soothing in a weird way. I found myself escaping the pain of my life through the controlled pain and suffering that your program delivered. I miss it.”
  • “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the “Process”. I got my as whooped early but everything leading up to being there….I wouldn’t trade for anything. The 7 month journey to who and where I am now has been worth it hands down. The Process had a good impact on me I feel better about myself. I don’t feel like I tapped out. I stepped out of the “comfort bubble” that most of us exist in and did something absolutely crazy and off the rails. That was worth that experience alone.”


  • “I feel so grateful and appreciative to have been able to participate in this first serial. It was such a great growth experience that I could never get anywhere else…”


  • “It was one hell of a challenge and I got way more out of it than I expected. The Cadre really made sure I was out of my comfort zone, and I’m grateful for it. I learned some valuable lessons about leadership and teamwork, and got a ton of insight on myself as a person.”

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