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If you know me or have been listening you know that I started this podcast to share my own experiences as I “find my way” through my own journey, but more importantly to tell other peoples stories and learn as much from them as possible.

The Special Forces experience and many of the people involved with The Process have been sooooo important to me and have had a really big impact on me. I’ve gotten to know some really awesome people because of it and it is really important to me to try to share as many stories from that experience as possible. So on this episode, I get to talk to another gentleman that made it through the entire 8-day process. His name is Ira MacDonald. If you are thinking about applying for The Special Forces experience, this episode is definitely worth a listen. Because of my experience there, I’m just blown away by the awesomeness of the men that made it through the whole week.

Hopefully, you enjoy this conversation between me and Ira Mac.



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