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Wild card edition

This is the ultimate experience for men looking for transformational growth combined with the challenge of a lifetime. Now accepting applications for: May 12-16 2025 | N. Ontario, Canada

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It’s you vs The Process

At least that’s how it starts out.

The Process is for the man who’s achieved his own version of excellence but wants to know how far he can really push his limits. It’s a game of sorts. You vs The Process – at least that’s how it starts out.

Without the luxury of knowing what to train for, the most difficult physical challenge of your life becomes even more of a psychological one. It becomes you vs you. To preserve the integrity of the challenge, we must leave most of the details undisclosed. But, if you take a look around the site, you’ll find clues as to what you’d encounter if you were to join The Process.

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The Purpose

What candidates will experience.

  • Intentionally Facilitated Post-Traumatic Growth. Adversity causes some to break; others to break boundaries and limitations. Wisdom is gained from the trials. You just need to know what to do with that material.

  • Behavioural Analysis via Directed Data. For those who finish Phase 3 (5-days in the bush), you will receive a Post-process Profile where you’ll see where your strengths and weaknesses lie when you’re truly taken out of your comfort zone.

  • Be a Part of an Evolving Network. Join a group of growth-minded men seeking more in life and to be of service to themselves and others.

How It Works

The Process is 4-phases.

Phase 1: Interview for The Process.

Phase 2: Join The Trials which is an online training program for physiological and psychological evolution. Read more here.

Phase 3: In-person event. For 5-days, each day builds upon the last. You don’t need to come with any specialty skill experience but you will be expected to learn quickly. Every day, individuals will attend multiple mini-courses taught by some of the best in their respective industries ranging from tactical, to survival, to self-defense and more. Intermingled with these courses are challenges and tests. As the days go on, challenges get bigger, bolder, and more intense.

We create a controlled environment and you bring the best you’ve got. This experience is not for the faint-hearted or weak-willed. There will be no hand-holding to complete the challenge so we highly expect there will be individuals who remove themselves before completion.

Phase 4: Where the real work begins.

special forces experience

  1. Process Workups + The Trials

Candidates will receive an initial package with coordinates, final packing list, and a series of tests and questionnaires for their closest family/friends. With this feedback, we custom craft aspects of each attendee’s experience appropriately. This is also your time to train so that you’re in peak functional fitness for The Process. Learn more about The Trials.

2. Undertake 5-days of extreme challenge in the wild

Survive or thrive in 5-days of challenges. Cadre put candidates through a series of extreme challenges, nonlinear tests, and courses that gather data from them in a way that accurately captures each attendee’s current state of being.

3. Post-Process Profile

After candidates have completed 5-days of The Process will receive a P3 – a Post-Process Profile from our behavioral analyst team which details and analyzes their performance and identifies areas of strengths and weaknesses which need improvement. The P3 includes pathways to advance and grow in all of these areas for optimal growth.

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What finishing attendees will recieve.

  • Dedicated Behavioral Analysis Team. Cadre will analyze everything candidates say, do, and don’t do throughout the undertaking.

  • P3 Analysis. The P3 will be sent to the candidates who finish all 5 days of the process in the months following the event. The analysis process is lengthy and accurate.

  • Radically New Perspective. Through an expertly facilitated process of post-traumatic growth, attendees may experience varying levels of growth in the weeks and months following The Process.


For the duration of Phase 3 of The Process…

For the duration of The Process, attendees will be provided food, sleeping system, weapon system, climbing system, navigation equipment, clothes, and other miscellaneous items one would need to attempt completion. All tactical and survival skills will be taught during the undertaking. No prior experience is necessary to attempt completion.

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Day 1

Details: 30 attendees will meet at coordinates XX.XXXX° N, XX.XXXX° W at 1200 hours. The coordinates will be sent in a package to attendees after their contracts are signed. Attendees will bring with them the items identified in the packing list. Attendees must present their bus ticket and sealed documents identified in the initial package at this time. Orientation. Shaving of the ice cube begins.

Day 2

Details: 3 tactical classes. 2 challenges. >2 tests.

Day 3

Details: 2 tactical classes. 6 challenges. >2 tests.

Day 4

Details: Undisclosed.

Day 5

Details: Undisclosed.

what’s the wild card edition?

due to popular demand, We’re bringing back “The Process” for at least one more serial where you can choose your own adventure. DOWNLOAD THE OVERVIEW VIDEO TO GET A RUNDOWN OF WHAT TO EXPECT AT THIS EVENT:


Intentionally Facilitated Post-Traumatic Growth

Post-traumatic growth is defined as the “experience of individuals whose development, at least in some areas has surpassed what was present before the struggle with crises occurred. The individual has not only survived, but has experienced changes that are viewed as important, and that go beyond the status quo” (Tedeschi and Calhoun, 2004). Individuals have described profound changes in their view of “relationships, how they view themselves and their philosophy of life (Joseph and Linley, 2006).

Personal Strength

Candidates may be stronger mentally and physically from the experience. They may gain wisdom and maturity beyond their years.

New Possibilities

Candidates may reprioritize values and time commitments to achieve fulfilling goals at a heightened state.

Spiritual Growth

Candidates may experience radical self-inquiry which will refine their true purpose and the conscious direction of their lifestyle towards its fulfillment.

Fulfilling Relationships

Candidates may experience powerful social ties to certain individuals with a stronger sense of finding belonging and unity.

Strengthened Values

It’s not uncommon for one’s value set to become strengthened and renewed. This can lead to a more aligned and resolute way forward.

Gratitude for Life

Candidates may experience a deeper appreciation for life itself recognizing everything and everyone that makes them who they are in their best moments.

Learn from Past Serials