Empowering an increase in quality of life for

Canadian Veterans

The SFE has partnered with GCAC and Sana’a to provide a system for veterans to intentionally and honourably use medical cannabis to increase their quality of life.

If you’re a Canadian Vet who is using Cannabis to treat or aid in your well-being, fill out the form below to be one of the 500 veterans eligible for this program.

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We’re looking for 500 Canadian vets to be a part of this program.

Citizen Green

A New Kind of Cannabis Program for Vets

For thousands of years, cannabis has acted as an aid and ally for those looking to increase their quality of life. However, in recent decades it has been overused, mindlessly depended on, and at the same time underrated for its healing and personal growth properties. Cannabis has gotten a bad rap.

Today, we know that cannabis is not the root of all evil, nor is it the cure for all ailments. But it really can help if you know what you’re doing. You’ve got to understand what the good is and what the bad is, and then make a balanced and intentional decision about how you’re going to use it.

How it works

  • Get access to a free online course about how to intentionally and honourably use Cannabis so you never become dependent on it

  • Understand how other Canadian veterans are using cannabis to improve their quality of life. Just open the app and get all the data you need.

  • Find what works for you without too much experimentation. Search by your desired outcome or what you need relief from and see what dosages and strains Canadian veterans are using.

  • Not all cannabis is created equal. Buy directly from cultivators who have the highest quality cannabis products

  • Help others and be a part of the solution. Veterans are a different breed of human. This can be an opportunity to continue to be of service and input your own 100% confidential data to empower other vets like yourself to use responsibly in the most trusted and informed way possible.

Get on the list

We’re looking for 500 Canadian vets to be a part of this program.